Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Have a Kitchen Floor!

I have a kitchen floor! YAAAAAYYY!!!

<sigh> It's been a little over two weeks and I'm still totally in love with my kitchen floor. We've settled into the comfortable relationship of knowing that it will be there, waiting for me when I get home. Ready and willing to take abuse from my child. And still looking all hot and perfect.

Heck yeah.

As I'd mentioned, I used vinyl peel and stick tiles that look like wood planks. Well, they don't look like wood per se, they look like laminate planks, which totally counts now-a-days. They're 3'x6" and super-duper easy to install.

I'll get to the installation part later. For now, here's some gratuitous photos of my floor. It needs some narrow cuts put under the cabinet kick space, and finishing with shoe molding, but it's a floor.

the first board - I almost cried I was so happy
at this point hubby refused to keep coming in to look at the progress
into the long stretch!
so... close...
child tested, child approved

1 comment:

~ Regan said...

It loks SO good!
I'm a fan of vinyl flooring, especially in the kitchen. It cleans up so easily if you spill something and if you drop something (like a jar or plate) it doesn't explode into a million pieces on impact.
great choice,i really like it...