Monday, June 27, 2011

A Father's Day Gift for My Dad

While we were out and about on our Big Truck Day adventure, we made a few other stops. I picked up a yellow evening primrose at the local flower club's annual sale (and then found out the next weekend that my grandparents have tons...). I went to a yard sale (details to come) while Max and Hubby napped in the car.


I picked up a Father's Day gift for my dad.

Generally, I don't get him a Father's Day gift. If anything, I make him food. He loves food as gifts. But, I couldn't pass this up. I didn't even really get it for Father's Day, that just sounds better. I just got it and gave it to him because I knew he'd love it.

On the $1 table outside of the used book store was...

Yeah, a dollar. I KNOW!

A few plates have been removed, but I knew he wouldn't care (and he didn't, he was still pretty stoked, in his reserved kind of way). It was even marked as $25 by a previous bookseller.

Look at these images - no fading, no tearing, or yellowing.

I told him that I'm totally OK with it if he wants to tear the book apart and frame images. Or frame and sell. Whatever floats his boat. As I suspected, he knows a lot about Currier and Ives prints and told me that even framed images from books can easily go for $10-$20 apiece (I had a feeling).

So, not only did I get my dad a great gift that he appreciates, it was an amazing deal (which as a fellow yardsaler/antique store dweller he totally appreciates), AND it can generate money for him if he wants. Now, that's a dollar well spent.

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Bill said...

When I worked for the Harvard Coop, they used to routinely tear images out of art books to sell as separate prints. Much more profitable.