Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gardener’s Friend – Copper Nail Polish

someone else's fingernails
Contrary to what you might think, given the natural living, gardening, clean your face with oil from your kitchen, blah blah tone of this blog – I like makeup and looking pretty. (most of the time that is, unlike this weekend when I totally wore a spring green top and sage green pants and didn’t give a hoot)

I try to wear “safe” makeup and such according to the cosmetic database. But I’m totally as sucker for polishing my toenails. I LOVE toenail polish.

My fingernails on the other hand (har har, other hand) don’t get polished regularly. With all of the abuse that I put my hands through, there’s no way that polish stays pretty, especially during gardening season. After a few hours in the garden my nails and any polish are stained all sorts of interesting shades of brown. Soap only goes so far, and frankly as long as the grit is gone I’m going to stop scrubbing.

This is where the copper nail polish comes in. It’s one of the cheaper brands (read, thinned down), but that works great for me. The light sheen of copper covers up and blends in the stains, and I can put on another coat to cover chips without having that weird spotted effect.

Since copper was a hot color this last fall/winter – I got the polish in the dollar days bin at the drug store for 40 cents. SCORE.

I suppose I could wear gardening gloves, and I do sometimes, but that takes part of the fun out of it. I mean really, it’s mostly about playing in the dirt, right?

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