Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big Truck Day

My son loves trucks. SUPER-DUPER loves trucks! During the Memorial Day parade he shouted himself hoarse because he was so excited about the trucks!

So when I heard about a fundraiser being done a couple of weekends ago called Big Truck Day, I knew we had to go. (local rescue squads, fire departments, farmers, school bus drivers, etc, brought their trucks and such in for little kids to climb all over, benefiting a local charity) We went into town and made a whole day of it!

First, the book sale:
all that for $7.50!

Then, the main event!

Max LOVED the fire engine - especially ringing the bell!
Hey Daddy! Want to ride in the ambulance with me?
already practicing his rescue techniques!

All of that excitement really wore him out -

 And wore out Daddy too.

A day well spent.

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