Friday, June 17, 2011

A Friday Link Roundup: Places I’ve been…

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I’m so into swaps right now, and I really, really want to go to this one!

I imagine most of you know how to do plant clippings – but if not, check this out:
(Speaking of plant clippings – I managed to kill roughly two dozen spider plant babies through drowning, cat nibbles, and lack of light. You’d think I’d never propagated a spider plant before…)

I really want to make this doily pendant lamp for the dining room!

Strawberry Banana BREAD??? Heck yes, please!

LOOK! It’s the same type of tomato cage that I wrote about! I’m so cool, I found these before Apartment Therapy!

DIY moss wall art - yes, as in moss in a picture frame. With all the rain we’ve been getting lately I have a boat load of moss outside, maybe I’ll bring some more in (besides the moss in my apothecary jars and shell pot).

I totally need to use this idea for Max – using a galvanized tub, or in my case a wooden one, and turning it into a footrest/stool that doubles as a toy bin.

Bike helmets that don’t look like a bike helmet – win! I was thinking about this (almost) exact same thing the other day, except wondering about making a cover for a standard helmet.

I super-duper-wish that I could read this blog (it’s in Swedish) – but the photos are fantastic! Check out that chair swing I put at the top of the post. I’m pretty sure that the below link is for her outdoor post tags… Check out the play yard, I’m totally smitten with it.

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