Friday, June 24, 2011

A Friday Link Roundup: Places I've Been...

This whole link roundup on Friday business may become a thing. Is that OK with you all? Fridays are now link roundups here? I assume you all say yes. K, just checking.

Nester is doing a series on debt-free decorating – this particular post is on one of my favorite pastimes: Thrift! And, there’s some major eye candy in the post, both decor and hunky men. See that photo there? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Different clock screensavers – download the program at the bottom of the page and you’ll get all of the clock options.

I’m totally digging this office/craft room:

My new favorite DIY blog:

This makes me want to make cookies:

Where to get your veggies this summer – a primer if you will:
The one thing that I don’t totally agree with is the implication that a Farmer’s Market is going to be more expensive. Ours is comparable with the grocery store if not cheaper, so it varies depending on the Market and the vendor.

No work required: She stacked a few suitcases on top. Seriously, and it looks amazing:

An interesting piece on staying home. There are some points that I would argue (like, what about those of us that do all of that and hold down a full-time job), but it’s food for thought nonetheless:

Wolfsong has been ranting a bit this week too… Fair warning, the F-bomb gets dropped liberally (as it well should be, but I have a dirty mouth so I’m biased):

Holy drop cloth link party – when I last checked there were 792 posts and it’s open for three more days! Of course most of the posts are not about drop cloths, but that’s still an impressive amount of links to check out:


LuLu Kellogg said...

Oooo, I am off to check these out! Thanks for sharing all these!!


WolfSong said...

Thanks for the mention!

I have to say, I tend to swear like a sailor. Most times I can control it, but other times? Whew, that post just brought the foul language right out of me!