Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Make a Lego Costume

legos love cookies
Yeah, it's been done before - but here's how I did it. And, frankly, I like mine better. It's easier to get on and off with velcro and straps (seriously, who thought that a toddler would like having their arms and head shoved through holes in a box?) and allows for more freedom of movement.

Materials: (less than $10)
A box (two if you want a hat too)
4-6 disposable soup cups
Hot glue gun
Spray paint (primer too)
Ribbon or woven strap material

Start with a box that will fit around your child, with room for a jacket if you live in cold climates. Cut the flaps off so it's open on the ends. Then cut a semi-circle at the underarm area. Hot glue the soup cups on the box in a grid so it looks like a lego. Then take it outside and spray paint it. I found that a primer really helped for even coverage and so I didn't have to do 5 coats of orange (just two coats).

position the cups and glue (this is the hat)

If you're doing a hat, start with a small box and either cut off the flaps on one end or tuck them inside, then glue 2 soup cups on top and paint.

Cut straps to fit over your child's shoulders. Hot glue the straps to the back, then glue velcro on the front end of the straps and the box.

add the straps and velcro
Now go dress up your little lego!

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