Friday, July 1, 2011

A Friday Link Roundup: Places I've Been...

Some good frugal tips and tricks:

Outdoor envy, right here:

This hits home, especially after the trippy dream I had last night where I got a sunburn (in my dream) and it turned purple… Though I’m taking the point of view that chemicals-are-not-so-great & the-sun-is-part-of-our-natural-ecosystem rather than God-made-the-sun-so-it-must-be-good.

Personally, I’m a fan of Badger brand, but here’s a post about one woman’s natural/safe sunblock quest where she reviews over a dozen (maybe two dozen?) sunscreens:

HALT for parenting. I’d never even heard of HALT – but this is a great post on using it in the parenting realm:

I love using random “stuff” in bouquets. You need something unexpected, structural, and/or tall to make that bouquet interesting. I like using willow branches. In this case it was garlic:

Five ways to save money – in particular I need to do the whole pre-mince my garlic thing:

And – read the comments for frugal gardening ideas:
And, I'll leave you with a teaser for next week:

Birthdays are awesome. Especially first birthdays. :)

And, BTW, I won't be around on Monday for obvious reasons. You all have a wonderful Independence Day! Watch out for those aliens!

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WolfSong said...

Some interesting tips on the Almost Frugal site...I will point out here-like I did there-that the one reader's canning method is unsafe for stable shelf storage. That was my main sticking point on the whole post...otherwise, I did find a few things I found interesting. ;)