Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to ReCover a Couch – Step 3

Now let’s cover the seat area.

Firstly, get a long piece of your fabric. If you have to join more than one piece I suggest making the seam(s) line up with the couch cushion(s). My couch has two cushions, so I would have made a seam dead center. If you want to get fancy you could even put in a pleat. Me, I’m not fancy. I just made sure I had a long piece.

Fold the end under itself by an inch or two so you don’t have a raw edge. You could sew it first (like a hem) if you wanted to, but the staples will keep it secure. Now line it up with that inside corner and staple along the inside (top) edge. Notice how this fabric piece overlaps that arm fabric? Nifty, I know. When you get to the further edge, again tuck under an inch or two.

fold the edge under and secure on the inside
Now flip that couch over, secure on the bottom side and trim the excess.

finished front edge, the stapling is done!
Cushions… I didn’t take any fun pictures of the cushions, sorry. It was late, and frankly there are much better tutorials out there than I could do. BECAUSE – I made the cushion covers just like a fitted sheet. “What?” you may be asking. Yes, I made fitted cushion covers with elastic and everything like a small fitted sheet. They come off easily for washing and were a heck of a lot easier than making a full pillowcase type cover. I suggest checking out this tutorial for fitted crib sheets at luvinthemommyhood that Dana from MADE did. (I seriously love both of their blogs, you should check them out!) Just adjust the measurements to the size of your couch cushions.

Or you can cover your cushions like you would a pillow cover, or put in a zipper, or any number of methods.

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