Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Couch Cover: A Semi-Tutorial

(BTW - I have another couch covering tutorial HERE where I cover the whole couch, not just cushions)

I love my couch. More specifically, I love the comfyness and how when you take the pillows off it’s big enough to stretch out on for a nap. Or to use for overnight guests (aka Max’s uncle D’ng).

What I’ve never liked about my couch was the color. It’s khaki green. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a nice color, especially for pants (like the ones I’m wearing now), or for decor in earth-toned homes like my mother’s. However, it does not go with my d├ęcor scheme, which is white, turquoise/aqua, lime/grass green, and chocolate brown.

See? Hideous. Ghastly. Um, gauche. (Ha, I amuse myself, gauche)

I love white couches. And I love my baby and my husband. And I love to eat in the living room. These things do not combine well and usually spells disaster for white couches. I decided on making a slip cover out of unbleached denim since it washes and wears well. I’ve already spot cleaned it several times (with whatever I grabbed from under the sink) and it’s held up really well – no stains!

The couch cover is done in three stages – the main couch cover, the seat cushions, and the back pillows. Well, technically four stages as the side pillows are covered as well (in the blue). I only have photos for the back pillows since the rest was done last fall/winter during a pregnancy nesting frenzy. Then I lost steam and didn’t do the back pillows until a month ago.

For the main couch cover pattern I used a previous cover I had made years ago, just cutting it apart to use for pattern pieces. For the seat cushions I measured, made an elongated cube, and put in a zipper for ease of removal for washing (which has come in handy once already).

They didn’t have enough unbleached denim at the store for the back pillows, so I bought some unbleached waffle-weave fabric in the same tone. I love how the textures look against each other. I’m so glad that there wasn’t quite enough of the denim and that I had to come up with this alternative.

The back pillows are angled on one end, so to make the covers I made a sack to fit the longest part. First I hemmed the edge that would go along the angled end.

Then I sewed two sides (the third side is the fabric fold) and left the hemmed edge open to make a sack.

I zigzag stitched along the seams to reinforce.

I knew that I wanted the covers to be removable, but zippers were going to be too difficult to put in and keep hidden. I decided to just whip-stitch the opening closed along the angled end - easy to rip out, wash, and re-do.

Done with one!

Doesn’t it look all pretty? (Ignore the ugly wall) I just love how it came out!


~ Regan said...

You need to just paint that wall white! ;) All in good time, right?

Does your slipcover have welting? I'm dying to cover my sectional- Black Dog Cash tore up just about every cushion, BOTH sides, during his worst bouts of senility. Poor guy. He's in peace now, and I'm left with a 'hole-y' couch. I really need to get it covered, and I was thinking about using drop cloth bc it's so cheap and durable. Any pointers on zippers or welting? I'm a little scared to start this project. :/

Jessie said...

I didn't use any welting, unless you're using a contrasting color I find no one notices it. Zippers - make sure to get one longer than you think you'll need, you can always make it shorter.

If/when I do it again I'll probably use drop cloth. For the main couch, just drape it over top and start pinning, and tucking, and pinning. The rest is essentially pillow cases.

abeachcottage said...

You did well with the couch covers, they turned out great! Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and adding your link.

Hilary said...

Wow, you are crazy handy. I knew that but I am just realizing it again. The couch looks great, the house renovations look great ect. Good luck with the rest and wait to see more.