Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flannel Pants to Flannel Pants and Shorts

To inspire myself to keep sewing for my baby boy this week, here’s a project I did a few weeks ago:

I made flannel pants into flannel pants! Yay!

Ok, before you think I’m a total nut, I made a pair of hubby’s flannel pants into a pair of flannel pants and shorts for Max.

The legs of hubby’s pants were worn and torn, so using a pair of Max’s pants as a guide I cut out pieces for a pair of itty-bitty pants and shorts.

The pants came out great, and I even used the cord to make a little false drawstring.

The shorts came out way too small, so I took them back apart and added the waistband to the width of the leg and made a new waistband out of coordinating flannel (an old pillowcase).



And since I just used the legs from the pants, I hemmed them up and hubby now has a pair of flannel lounging shorts just in time for summer!

hubby's shorts

Max loves his new shorts and pants – so much so that I couldn’t get a clean photo. I love my wiggly little boy!

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~ Regan said...

That's so cute!! Great use of some old flannel pants...