Monday, May 2, 2011

It’s Spring!

double rainbow!
It was such a wonderful weekend – the rain stopped for two glorious days, which just happened to be Saturday and Sunday, meaning we could enjoy them!

We went for three walks, one of which was on a nature trail that we hadn’t explored yet.

Max and I visited a local farm and checked out their automated milking machines (this is the same type as the farm we visited), and negotiated for some composted manure for the community garden. I got an excellent price by the way, and hopefully we will continue working together in the future. (I think my offer of fresh tomatoes this fall helped in the negotiations) Max loved the milking machines. I’ll post more on that later…

I mowed the lawn (and ran out of gas halfway through which prompted the third walk of the weekend since we had to go get gas).

I cut branches from the scrubby mess bordering my lawn to make tomato “cages” and pea and cucumber trellises. I also clipped a ready supply of some sort of vine (possibly Virginia creeper) that I’ll use to string it all together. (That scrubby mess will be cut back this summer so that the lilacs and real trees can have a fighting chance)

So we don’t complain when the rain starts up again, remember that it’s not this:

somewhere in there is patio furniture

this is around 3 1/2 feet deep

outside the front door

can you see the car buried to the right? no? look for the windshield wipers.

Sometimes there are pretty parts to winter, like the occasional double rainbow:
But overall, I'm so glad winter's gone and that spring is here!

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