Saturday, May 14, 2011

Give Your Stuff Away Day

No, I'm not making this up - there's an organization out there who is encouraging a new Day - Give Your Stuff Away Day (formerly known as Curb Day). It seems pretty straight forward - they have guidelines on their website I've copied their email posted on their homepage below - they encourage you to forward the info to everyone you know to get the word out. This is a Day I can really get behind - I hope to have some stuff at the curb, maybe I'll see some of yours out there too! Let me know if you participate, this could be fun! 


May 14, 2011

Please become a fan on Facebook Give Your Stuff Away Day - free stuff all over the place 

Free stuff will be available in neighborhoods all over the World (hopefully) on May 14, 2011. It’s an event Mike Morone is hoping to establish twice annually. This event, called Give Your Stuff Away Day, could help millions, while shrinking landfills, reducing clutter, saving municipalities money, and boosting the economy a bit.

Because of all the shopping we've done, many of us now own lots of great stuff we never use anymore. And for some reason, we don't sell or give it away. Lots of valuable stuff - just wasting away.

Let's take all this stuff and over one weekend, make it available to others for free.

On May 14th, bring your unwanted stuff to your curb. Some guidelines - no trash, recyclables, illegal or dangerous items. No food, drugs, chemicals, or weapons. Just safe, valuable items we would like to donate. Then watch the fun – or better yet, take a walk and find some free stuff you can use.

This event will create the World's largest giveaway / recycling event - please be a part of it!

Want to help?
• Forward this email to EVERYONE
• Join us on Facebook
• Contact your local government and ask for their endorsements
• Put your stuff out on May 14, 2011

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