Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Using Up Baby Food Cubes

Now that my sweet little boy is not quite so little (though still plenty sweet), he is eating big boy food. He’s not so impressed by puree anymore. I was able to use up almost everything, but I still have bags and bags of beets, avocado, and acorn squash. What to do, what to do…

Actually, using up the acorn squash was easy – soup! I added broth, herbs & spices (I heart cumin), some lentils, and viola – soup. A chili-esque soup. My in-laws were up that weekend, and my FIL enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be as he’s a notoriously picky eater – BUT – I found out that he’s a fellow chili lover! Sweet! So that means pretty much anything loosely resembling chili with cumin is fine by him. (the following night I made chili and cornbread – nom)

The avocado is actually kinda nice to have in cubes – aka ¼ cup premeasured portions. I got the avocados on sale for 50 cents each this winter (that’s super-cheap up here in the great frozen North) and made trays and trays of cubes. 13 avocados worth, to be specific. Yeah, there’s lots o’ avocado up in my freezer. I’ve been taking a cube out every now and then to put on top of my chili, to use as sandwich spread, mixed into salsa… Mashed avocado freezes beautifully, btw. It’s fantastic having these little cubes at my disposal, especially since hubby and Max are not avocado fans so individual portion sizes are ideal.

And, beets. The obvious choice is soup – I’m thinking borscht soup (as in puree everything instead of having chunks so the potatoes will freeze/thaw better). The problem with that is beets do not agree with Max’s belly. He might be ok with beets now, but after the great beet explosion of ’11 I’m not going there for a while. AND – per the usual – hubby won’t eat beets. SO, once again, it’s up to me to eat the veg in the house. Not that I mind, but that’s a lot of borscht soup for lunch.

Do you have other suggestions on how to use up my avocado and beet cubes? Not necessarily in one dish, that might be weird. Or awesome. Who knows!


WolfSong said...

Chocolate cake. You can slip a few cubes of beets into your chocolate cakes, no problem.

Here's a link for a cake that uses up 2 cups of puree, and very few people can tell there is beets in there.


As for the avocado, hmmm, aside from just sprinkling salt and lemon juice on it and eating (yum!), I did find a quick bread recipe that looked like ti could be interesting...I don't know how much you want to experiment with it though...


Jessie said...

Yum! I'll try the cake!