Friday, May 20, 2011

Sewing Kids Clothes Week - Results

Did you do it? Did you sew for your (or a random) kid last week? I did. Here’s what happened:

THREE diapers

hat from hemming my pants (yeah, I'm short)

hat #2 - also from hemming pants

nightshirt from an adult t-shirt

back of nightshirt

pants from adult t-shirt

pants from daddy's button down

shirt from another of daddy's button downs, pants from mommy's jeans

back of shirt

shirt from adult t-shirt, pants from mommy's jeans

shirt back (I like the top stitching)

my favorite - button down from daddy's button down

Not bad for a week! Three diapers, two hats, three pairs of pants, one nightshirt, one t-shirt, two button down shirts. Some days I did over an hour, some days I did less. I did a lot on one or two days, so I probably averaged an hour to an hour and a half a day.

Well, technically I started early because we would be out of town for part of the challenge. So sue me. It's seven days worth of stuff.

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Anonymous said...

good job, Jessie! Your little man looks great in all the new clothes for him. You are amazing and what a cutie that little guy is!

Mrs. Hess