Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frugal Luxuries: Shirt Decals

Hubby lives in t-shirts. He wears them to work, he wears them for play, he wears them to dinner, he wears them to work out. He tries to wear them for formal events but I stop him.

He wears them to the point of frayed collars and holes in the underarms. I intervene at this point.

Me: “Your shirt needs to be thrown away.”
Hubby: “It’s fine.”
Me: “It has gaping holes in the armpits.” I stick my hand through the hole to demonstrate.
Hubby: “It’s fine, I can wear it to exercise.”
Me: “Uh, no.”
Hubby: “You’re not throwing it away.”
Me: “What if I make something for Max out of it?”
Hubby: Grumble, grumble. “Ok. If it’s for Max. But what am I going to wear if you keep throwing away my shirts?”
Me: “I’ll take care of it, I have an idea.”
Hubby: “Uh oh.”
Me: “Trust me, it’ll be good.”
Hubby: “Uh huh.”

Knowing her son’s love for t-shirts, and my love for crafts and DIY, my mother-in-law had gifted me with a book of iron-on decals. Sweet! I got some new, plain t-shirts on sale and started flipping through the book. It had a wide variety of decals, and somehow I didn’t think hubby would like to wear something that said, “Cutie pie” on it, however much I might think it’s funny.

I picked out appropriate decals, got out my iron, read the directions twice, and went to work.

Note to self, next time put a piece of paper in between the layers to prevent bleed through…

In less than ½ hour (and less than one baby nap) I “made” hubby 7 new shirts! Bam! Hubby was pleased, and it made parting with his beloved rags t-shirts much easier.

AND - each t-shirt cost $2, plus a free-to-me book of decals (original price was $13.50 for 25 decals). Considering that a new graphic t-shirt costs $5 or more (I've seen some licensed ones for $50), less than $2.50 apiece including the decal is a great deal!

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