Monday, May 16, 2011

Seed Starts

I’ve started a lot of plants for my garden this year from seed. Unfortunately, when I wanted to start the seeds, my gardening shed (and consequently, all of my seed pots) was buried in a couple feet of snow. My wonderful coworkers, who are fellow yogurt eaters, came to the rescue and gave me all of their yogurt cups. A quick drill in the bottom for a drainage hole, and viola! Great seed starting pots!

I not only had to be creative with my potting methods – but also with my seedling protection. You see, I have cats. One cat (Sidda) is an avid plant eater, and when he sees my plant starts he goes bonkers and mows them to the ground. (and you thought I just had to contend with woodchucks)

This year I got crafty. I emptied out my clear plastic bins and borrowed a few more, flipped them upside down, and had instant mini-greenhouses. Yay! Not only do the plants benefit from increased moisture and heat in the air, they’re well protected from my omnivorous cat.

Doesn’t he look so innocent?

I think I may grow all of my seed starts like this from now on. As it's getting warmer out I just pick up the totes and bring all of my seedlings outside for some sunshine. AND they're protected from the wind. (or rain, if you're my hubby and want to use the interior floor space for something else)


~ Regan said...

Must be nice! I don't understand what the heck I'm doing wrong, but my little sprouts aren't lasting! Once they get to be about an inch long, I take their cover off (per the instructions on the 'greenhouse' box) and about a week or two later, they're wilted or completely dead. Everything is moist but not water logged, indirect light, and no food. I think I'm just going to give up this year and get starter plants!

Jessie said...

Try keeping the lid on, provided the leaves don't touch it, and give them some more sunshine. Or just get starter plants. :)