Thursday, September 29, 2011

Frugal Luxuries: Hair Cuts

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One of the best purchases that we've made as a family is a hair trimmer. Hubby hasn't had to go outside of our home for a haircut in... close to ten years now. With the little length attachments it makes it easy. (those are the little plastic pieces, they go on the blade part to make sure you don't cut shorter than you intended)

How I do it (Hubby's version):
  1. Use the 3/4" along the top of the head down to where it starts to really angle down.
  2. Use the 1/2" for everywhere else.
  3. Use the 1/4" for trimming around the ears and along the neck.
Hairdressing Scissors has a good diagram with the different parts of the head and explanations. According to the diagram I do...

3/4" - Top, Parietal Ridge, Upper Crown
1/2" - Lower Crown, Upper Nape, Temple, Side
1/4" - Lower Nape, Hairline, Sideburns

I also cut my grandfather's hair (after the barber increased his rates to $12/cut from $10/cut grandpa decided to take his chances with me in protest, then he decided he likes my cuts well enough). With grandpa I add a step 4 where I use the razor with no attachment to shave those random neck hairs.

Now, with Max having a really nice head of hair, I've been cutting his hair too. He got his first cut with the trimmers today - prior to this it's just been scissors. I used just the 1/2" and trimmed up to the crown, leaving it long on top so he can have bangs and the rest will spill over to the sides.

We're on our third set of trimmers in almost ten years, and at $20-$25 each we've definitely saved money on Hubby's haircuts!

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~ Regan said...

Good job! We do our own 'man' cuts here in the family too ;) My hubs either shaves his head bald or light a 'high and tight', so those are easy enough. He's still using the same clipper he used on himself while in the USMC. My little lady still doesn't have enough to cut, but either way, I think she'd want to grow it out ;) I get about 4 hair cuts a year- I like a nice bob style cut, and I trim in between my hair appts to keep it neat looking. I'm sure all I am really doing is making the hairdresser work that much harder to re-shape my cut, but what are you gonna do? :P I need another cut, actually, I've been putting it off quite a while!