Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Night Stand - My Moment of Zen

Sometimes you need to do something pretty just for you. Not for the kid(s). Not for your spouse/partner/cat, or anyone else. My night stand was that something just for me. I started out with a desk that my grandparents made and that my mother used and passed on to me, and a cute little antique chair I got at a yardsale.

I added my absolute favorite table runner that my grandmother had embroidered many years ago.


Then the necessities: a lamp, the alarm clock, and my *new* jewelry tree (that holds 3/4 of my earrings).

The jewelry tree got some bling, I set out my perfume bottles, and a chunky bracelet that I especially like.

Of course it wouldn't be a very good vanity without a mirror...

Nice, right? I sit/stand here to put on my makeup in the mornings, which is so much nicer than leaning over the bathroom sink.

Of course, it never stays like that. Realistically, it looks more like this...

...and that's on a good day. Generally there are also articles of clothing draped over the chair and bits of paper here and there.

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