Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Freezing Blueberries

The blueberry season has almost passed, but we managed to pick a few pounds the other weekend. Max “helped” me the whole time… He quickly figured out the whole, “Mommy drops the blueberries in the bucket, I can reach in the bucket, and blueberries can be smooshed in my mouth as fast as possible,” thing. I didn’t think that he could eat that many blueberries without getting a massive stomachache – but he managed just fine. That kid has a stomach of steel.

Even with the help from Max, hubby and I managed to pick three and a half pounds. We ate a bunch fresh, and the rest I froze. First I spread them out on old baking sheets, picked over them for stems, and froze directly on the sheets. Then I transferred the frozen berries to a quart sized freezer bag (yes, that’s all that was left). The freezing in one layer on sheets keeps them from sticking together, and makes it much easier to portion out without thawing.

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