Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Practicing my ABCs

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A while ago I read a post where the author typed each letter of the alphabet (individually) into the internet address bar and noted what came up. I don’t remember where I saw that otherwise I’d link over, but here’s what I’ve got…

A: Amazon
B: Blogger
C: Craigslist
E: Ebay
F: Facebook
G: Gmail
H: The DIY Show Off
I: Facebook
J: my Pinterest account (Jessie:Pinterest)
L: Love on the Bookshelf via Wordpress
M: Mommy’s Middle Ground
N: Netflix
O: OfficeMax
P: Pinterest
Q: SurveyMonkey
R: Pandora Radio
S: Ebay…
T: Facebook…
U: Facebook?
V: Amazon
W: Facebook again, jeez
Y: Yahoo

It’s interesting that not everything is really related to the letter, but that the letter comes up in the description or extended address. And apparently everything leads back to Facebook. EVERYTHING.

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