Monday, September 12, 2011

Chocolate Chip Pudding

What with Max’s recent illness and all, he lost some weight. So, in an effort to fatten him back up (and because I like desserts) I made pudding. From scratch. For the first time. And it was awesome.

I used the Best Ever Pastry Cookbook’s recipe for chocolate/vanilla/coffee layered pudding. Instead of making three different flavors in three separate batches, I just made all of it at once and flavored it with almond extract and chocolate chips. <homina, homina> That’s a sexy pudding, right there. I used whole milk, and it calls for three egg yolks, and almost a stick of butter. I stirred in chocolate chips while it was still hot so they got all melty and wonderful... 

I didn’t realize how pudding works when you cook it. I knew in theory, but it’s one thing to know the theory, and it’s a whole other thing to watch the pudding set as you’re whisking. Like set in 5 seconds flat. I put it all in a bread loaf pan (yeah, the photo is after we ate some so it’s not that pretty) and portioned it out in pretty bowls for consumption. It looked awfully fancy.
the not-fancy look

Besides a good source of calories for the youngin, it’s really sugary. It wasn’t such a good idea to give this to Max for dessert after dinner, since he ended up getting a sugar rush and stayed up too late. <sigh> And it gave me a stomach ache since I helped him eat the rest of his portion as well as my own. But it was worth it.

So. Worth. It.

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