Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Wood!

It feels like we're constantly demo-ing something in our house. One such project was to disassemble the beanie baby shelves (they were everywhere) that were too small to put anything else on. You know, besides beanie babies.

Rather than rip them apart and toss them in the kindling pile, I salvaged the wood and put it in my reuse pile.

I think that stack of boards actually ended up going to a neighbor - he's retired and likes to putter in his workshop so he gets pretty excited when I start hauling things to the scrap bins. (Yes, we have more than one scrap bin at chez Gray House). And, of course, once he introduced himself and asked so nicely if he could have the scrap wood I started being more careful in my disassembly.

Out of the two or three shelves I was able to give him at least a dozen good boards for his projects. Of course my dad fussed about me giving away perfectly good wood - but what goes around comes around, and this neighbor helped plow out my grandparents last winter. So it's all good, he can have all the scrap wood out of my house that he wants.

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