Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Potty Training??!!??!!

Apparently no one ever told Max that he's 14 1/2 months old and that he's a bit young to potty train. Because he totally pee-peed on the potty 4 times last night and once this morning! Woot!

He's been taking his diaper off a lot lately, and really doesn't like wearing one anymore. We were at my parent's last night for dinner (after his Grammy day) and he had undone one side of his diaper so it was slipping down his pant leg. Instead of just putting it back on him, I asked if he needed to potty. He said, "Yeah!" gave me a big smile, and went right to the bathroom (I followed him, btw). So I held him over the potty like we've been doing every now and then... and then he peed! I'm so proud! I squealed, my mom squealed, we both sang the potty song several times (even Grampy [my dad] joined in a round), and it's now his thing. I'll ask him if he wants to potty (which I've been doing off and on for a month or so) and he'll say, "Yeah," then we'll go potty. And then he gets pissed when I put his diaper back on.

So much for the new set of cloth diapers I just ordered - but I'm ok with that! I have a feeling it'll be a little while before he's ready for big-boy undies.

Today I put in an order for one of those two-in-one toilet seats and a little step stool. Yay!

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~ Regan said...

Good for Max! We got the same style potty seat (I think it was called a family toilet lid) at walmart. There was one at one of our local hardware stores, but it was super cheap (as in, the 'Mommy' seat was so skinny you were sitting on some porcelain!)
Good luck with the rest of the potty training!