Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days Of: Inspiration

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For my 31 Days of Change I'm raiding my Pinterest boards. The next 31 days encompasses a lot of things that make me want to change or do something - usually with some elbow grease - and that inspire me enough that I make a note of them. Maybe in that distant place called someday I'll have the time, energy, and resources. For now, I'll let the photos and other people's hard work inspire me.

Hopefully these things that have inspired me will inspire you also.

Day 2: Block Print Fabric
Day 3: Applique Pillows
Day 4: Laundry Rack
Day 5: Branch Art 
Day 6: Spray Paint Makes it Better
Day 7: Maps as Art
Day 8: Mock Eye Charts
Day 9: Hanging File Crates
Day 10: Shirt Aprons
Day 11: DIY Lighting
Day 12: Compact Office
Day 13: The Bathroom
Day 14: Smart Bathroom Storage
Day 15: Chair Swings
Day 16: Color Part 1
Day 17: Color Part 2
Day 18: The Door
Day 19: Daring in Your Dining Room
Day 20: The Ultimate Play Yard
Day 21: Kitchen Love
Day 22: Appliances
Day 23: Dishes
Day 24: Floors
Day 25: Scrabble!
Day 26: Chairs
Day 27: Smart Storage
Day 28: Outdoor Gardening
Day 29: Indoor Gardening
Day 30: Art
Day 31: Max

Regarding why I chose this picture, if you're interested - Every time I look at it there's just another way that the girl embodies how I feel right at that moment. The little boy in the background is the part that inspires me - to let loose and just play. No agenda, no making it harder than it is, no adding a maze to a simple wheel - just play.

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Anna K. said...

Hi, Jessie! I'm swinging by via The Nester...

I really like the art you posted and the topic of your 31 Days series! Looking forward to swinging by to see more.

Anna K.