Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips from Models

I don’t look like a model. I don’t have a desire to look like a model. I look like a mommy and am proud of it. But it doesn’t hurt to implement a few handy tips from the pros. When I briefly worked with models here are the tips that I picked up that stuck with me:

Drink through a straw: it keeps your teeth whiter longer and helps keep your tooth enamel from eroding

Stretch your Achilles tendon: whether you’re wearing heels or not, flex your foot and stretch out that tendon several times a day to help prevent leg and foot aches

Wear a well-fitting bra: it makes you look bigger in the right places, slimmer in the right places, and most importantly your back won’t hurt as much

Sunscreen is your friend. Period.

Use a gentle cleanser and moisturize a lot: it does wonders for your skin. Personally, I like the oil cleansing method which cleanses and moisturizes at once.

Models get zits too: they probably get more zits than the rest of us since they have to put their skin through so much abuse for their job.

You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. When you see a model in a photo, remember that they have had professional help making them look perfect, both in person and digitally. When they walk in the studio they arrive with unstyled hair and a clean, makeup free face. They do not look perfect. They almost look like a normal person (except for the whole tall, thin, and good bone structure thing).

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