Monday, August 8, 2011

My Top 10 Favorite Things (To Eat)

chicken and pineapple pizza
I'm back in that, "I don't feel like cooking so we're having cereal for dinner," mode. Ugh. When I get in that rut, I try to inspire myself back into cooking by thinking of all the foods I love. Or I guilt myself into making something by thinking of all the things that hubby loves (pizza, chicken, steak, box macaroni and cheese... that covers it). I grilled steaks the other night ($2.49/lb on sale, a little marinade and you'd never know it was an "inferior" cut!) which doesn't take a long time and tastes fantastic.

My tastes tend to run toward comfort food, so I try to be good and only indulge once in a while - like when trying to get myself out of that no-cooking rut.

Now, not all of these are DIY friendly – I’ve yet to attempt a dolma or make decent pork fried rice – but if you’re talented like that, good for you! So in no particular order:

Pork fried rice
Bacon – from a local smokehouse/butcher
Almond or amaretto flavored just-about-anything
Homemade relish on a hamburger – MY homemade relish!
Egg salad – hard boiled eggs and Miracle Whip, that’s it
Loaded mashed potatoes – Idahoan instant got me through my pregnancy
Pizza (I think I've mastered the homemade crust!)

What are your favorite things to eat? Maybe we can inspire each other for dinner this week!

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WolfSong said...

I'm making pizza for supper tonight. I have had such a craving for it! Take out pizza is one thing I miss, not eating restaurant food. I don't know why, I've rarely had a good take out pizza, but I just love pizza period-as long as there are no anchovies or olives on it. :)

I love topping it with bbq'd steak, sliced really thin, and mushrooms. In fact, whenever I bbq, I do an extra steak for things like this. Sliced thin, it can go on pizza, top a salad, makes a killer sandwich, or rolled around steamed asparagus and dipped into a sharp cheese sauce. Yummy!

My other quick and easy go-to meals are hot (insert meat here) sandwiches. Whenever I make a roast-beef, pork, ham or birdie-I save some, slice it, and freeze it. With a jar of stock off the shelf, I can whip up hot sandwiches with gravy in no time. Add in some sliced, roasted potatoes, or a side salad/coleslaw and you've got a great meal!

For less inspired days...bacon and beans, with toast. Simple, easy and filling. Or I pull perogies from the freezer. Perogies are always good!