Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Front Yard

I gave you a brief glimpse of my front yard on a Friday Link Roundup. It was a little barren... which isn't hard since I have no front yard. I have a patio, a 4-6" wide strip of dirt, then the sidewalk, then the road.

Want to see how it looks now?

Not too shabby, eh?

(It looks better in person)

I planted the barren strip with veggies and flowers, and put out potted plants.

The pots are combinations of veggies, herbs, and perennials. The perennials will go in the flower bed this fall, but in the meantime they're prettying up the pots.

Currant tomato, shasta daisy, blue delphinium, casper eggplant, and sweet basil.

 Tickseed and alyssum (an annual, but it's pretty and smells nice).

A little mystery tomato.

And, finally, my favorite vignette:

Top: Casper eggplants, sweet peppers, balloon flowers.
Middle: Sweet basil and casper eggplants
Bottom: Sweet peppers (pail) and parsley

The yellow shelf and the pail were both left in the basement and crawl spaces by a previous owner. I really love the shelf, it gives a great pop of color to the front, is shallow so you don't smack your elbow on it, and is very handy for holding plants!

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