Monday, August 22, 2011

Staycation's Over

I'm BACK! Not that I ever left since I spent my vacation at home...

Once I get my photos downloaded and spiffied up I'll be posting about what I did on my staycation (how's that for a buzzword). A sneak peek:

  • I read. One and a half books if I remember right.
  • I demo-ed.
  • I had an early dinner out with hubby before we picked up Max from daycare.
  • I did not do a thing in the yard except mow the lawn once and pick a few veggies. The weather and scheduling my dad and his tractor just didn't synch up.
  • I had a date day with my dad where we killed some yellow jackets (wasps), went to the transfer station, had lunch at McDonald's, and visited an open house at a college research orchard/vineyard/garden. We're exciting like that.
  • I found out where the transfer station is, and got rid of a pickup truck worth of construction trash.
  • I did some sewing.
  • I visited with friends and family and got to meet my cousin's baby for the first time! He's a cutie - and we managed to get photos of all 4 of the great-grandkids in attendance. No crying, hitting, hair pulling... and they even smiled!

1 comment:

WolfSong said...

Staycations are the best! Are you a fan of Corner Gas? Geeky Canadian here(moi) tv show ever! LOL!

Sounds like you got a bunch done, and had fun too. What more can ya want from time away from work. ;)