Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staycation Visit - A Photo Account

I didn't stay home the entire time I was on vacation. We drove a few hours and spent a long weekend visiting family and friends. On the way there the drive was great - we left Friday after work and Max slept most of the time.

The way back was not so easy. Max was awake and bored through most of it. I packed a goodie bag of toys and snacks to try and keep him entertained...

Hour 1.5: Woke up from nap
Hour 2: Still in a good mood after nap
Hour 2: Silly mommy, taking my picture
Hour 2.5: Entertained by the toy bag
Hour 2.5: Hey, a hammer!
Hour 3: Somehow mommy's sunglasses ended up in the toy bag...
Hour 3.5: Max is unimpressed and wants out NOW, even mommy's sunglasses don't help
Hour 3.5: Meltdown in full swing, and Max is unimpressed by mommy taking his picture so he's going to put on her sunglasses and ignore her while he continues to complain

Thankfully he fell back asleep right before hour 4 and slept the rest of the way home (just one more hour).

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