Monday, August 29, 2011

Crappy Day

Today is a crappy day for many reasons.

Overall: Bridges and roads are out, people are without power, emergency crews were evacuated from their own buildings, telephone and computer services are out (including to hospital and doctor facilities), death and injury.

Me: Max has been sick since Thursday, on antibiotics since Friday, and still isn't eating which is bad considering he's such a peanut and can't afford to lose weight. Apparently it wasn't just an ear infection. He's been in bed with us for the last 3-4 nights and having to sleep on ice packs to keep his fever down enough that he can sleep semi-comfortably. This morning he was in a somewhat ok mood considering, we all overslept, the button on my pants broke so I'm wearing the next thing on the shelf (which is not a flattering combo with the shirt), I'm PMSing and hurting, Max's doctor's has no phone so I had to take my lunch break at 11am to drive over and talk to them and they gave me the professional poker face and said to bring him back in this afternoon, I got a really irritating email from someone in another department that is second guessing my actions for me because apparently it's their business, and the photocopier is on the fritz the day that I need to make packets.

I know that it could be so much worse (see first paragraph). Our home could have flooded or blown away. Max could be ER worthy instead of just persistent fever and lack of appetite. But I'm having trouble focusing on the good today.

I Pledge That I Will Not:
Throw the photocopier out the window
Kill or maim anyone
Eat cookies or other baked goods to console myself (I am, however, having bread and chips with my lunch)
Have a complete meltdown at the doctor's office if she says that Max needs tests

Wish me luck.

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WolfSong said...

Sick babies are never fun, add in the rest and I can see it being an awful day. Hoping that Max feels better soon...not eating for a few days isn't too bad, so long as he's getting enough to drink. FWIW, last time my girlie was that sick the ped. said it didn't matter what she drank, as long as she did. I do believe that's how the child got hooked on coffee, and tea...but that's totally not my fault. I swear. *grins*

May tomorrow be a better day for all out your way!