Friday, July 8, 2011

A Friday Link Roundup: Places I've Been...

my "front yard" - it's very European
Every purchase you make is a trade-off – an expansion of the author’s point that you can have anything you want but you can’t have everything you want.

As someone with no front lawn (seriously, I have a 4-6” wide strip of dirt between me and the asphalt), this article made me feel better. And, honestly, having lived with it for two years I now prefer having no front lawn. Because who really uses one?

Tips on writing – mostly from non-fiction writers/researchers, but plenty of it still applies. (I have visions of eventually selling a manuscript)

Amen. My mom still gives the look like no other.

What I did (looked at) instead of writing like I promised myself I would:

I wish I lived in Denver and had access to thrift stores with amazing clothes like these:

Ok, I’m putting this link on here for Jessie's Raised Eyebrow Award: yuppies go “green” and spend too much $ to do so. <le sigh> I’m going to pick on this article a little bit, not out of malice but out of a desire to better inform.
1: Milk Jar – unless you’re getting your milk straight from the bulkhead, there’s no reason to transfer your milk to a jar. By the time you get your milk from the store potential chemical leaching will have already happened, negating the usefulness of putting it in glass when you get it home.
2: I don’t think I’d pay $7 for a reusable sandwich bag, but I prefer wrapping my sandwich up in a napkin anyhow.
3: $20 twine dispenser. $20 twine dispenser. No further comment.
4: Again, a napkin works too. If you want, you can soak said napkin in oil for a bit, wring it out and voila! It’s semi waterproof. Or just, you know, throw it in the wash and skip the oil etc.
5: $14 for two canning jars that don’t have a button-seal and therefore aren’t as safe to use in canning. OR you can spend $14 and get a dozen jars that are FDA approved. Just sayin.
6: So tiffin means lunch in Indian English, or a lunch container. I’m not sure how I feel about metal lunch carriers, so I guess I’ll leave this alone. But if anyone wants to get me a lunchbox, I prefer vintage TMNT.
7: Sure, it’s cute, but an actual paper berry basket or a colander works just as well.
8: And, finally, why on earth would you pay over $5 apiece for cloth napkins?
OK – I’m done now.

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