Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy, Busy Week... and PLANTS

It's been a crazy week. At work I'm starting a new position on Monday so I'm wrapping up my old position, creating dozens and dozens of pages of how-to manuals (since I did a lot of never-done-before-in-this-company database-esque stuff), and trying to pack my office. Ha. At home, it's been hot. Yeah, that's about it. Sitting around and sweating is about all we've managed this week. But it's craziness, I tell you.

I'd anticipated this and written posts in advance for MTW, forgot about Thursday, and today I'm going to tell you what I did last weekend. With no photos, sorry. It's too hot to try and find the camera and download pics. But I'll give you a gratuitous random photo of my bachelor buttons (and hosta and iris). But I don't feel too bad about an un-productive week at home, because last weekend was super-productive.

Things I did last weekend:
  • Watched HARRY POTTER (duh)
  • Returned unused paint stripper for store credit
  • Used store credit to get garden hoses and connector thingies
  • Bought tons of perennials at a local greenhouse for less than $30 including tax (by tons, I mean 30 4” pots at less than $1 apiece)
  • Stole Procured plants from my parents garden
  • Planted the procured plants
  • Re-planted a lilac bush that something dug up during the night
  • Used compost from my own bin and grass clippings to transplant said plants, which worked fantastically (who knew you could transplant stuff using grass clippings?)
  • Mowed the lawn and sweated profusely admired my new plants
  • Tested out my new DIY bug-repellant spray, which worked BTW
  • Took a nap (this is a rarity for me, I have trouble sleeping during the day)
  • Took a walk
  • Spent quality time with my baby boy
It was a plant-heavy weekend. I’m totally blissed out on plants right now. Seriously, I could just go sit outside and stare at my leafy bounty. I haven’t though. I've stood and watered them the whole time that I stared. Daily, with this heatwave I don't want them turning into little crispy chips.

My Plant Bounty Parental Contributions:
  • 2 lilac bushes (purple)
  • 1 peony (I know they don’t transplant well, but it was dying from two overcrowding bushes)
  • 2 daylily chunks (one white and one peach)
  • 1 hydrangea bush (like this one)
  • A few hydrangea stems (like this)

Greenhouse Purchases:
(totaling 45 plants – I got a flat of 15 a few weeks ago as well that has populated my potted front garden…)
  • Daisies – two varieties, both white
  • Tickseed – two varieties, one all yellow and one yellow with a reddish center
  • Feverfew – white
  • Delphiniums – blue and white
  • Balloon Flower – blue and white
  • Blanket Flower – orange/red

The greenhouse purchases will be going into my renovated flower bed… once I reno it that is. Yeah. That’s my project for when I’m on vacation in a few weeks. I need to line up someone with a tractor to come and level things out once I remove the plants from the old bed.

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