Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday Month Part Three

don't freak out if the frosting on the cake melts - go with it
You shouldn’t do it all.

You can do it all, but you shouldn’t. The point of a party is to enjoy yourself, right? So, take some of the stress away and don’t do it all.

I recruited some help. I let some things go. I realized that it’s a special day for me too and that I can’t do everything and still enjoy myself. So:

  • I decided that it wasn’t worth my time to make potato salad when the deli makes it better than I do anyhow.
  • I bartered with my mom’s friend (who is a professional photographer) to come take photos of the big day – and some formals while we were at it. I didn’t even bring my camera. This was totally awesome – and totally worth it. If you don’t know a pro, recruit a few friends. You don’t want to be bothering with a camera when the cake comes out!
  • I used things from around my house to decorate – the paper cranes were given to me a few years ago, the bug is one of Max’s toys, and I used coordinating serving pieces from my cupboards. I frosted the (made ahead and frozen) cupcakes in colors coordinating with the decorations. Small effort, but big impact. I didn’t bother with balloons or streamers. I considered making a few buntings, but it wasn’t necessary. No one cared, and I don’t think people even noticed.
  • I had my dad grill, and had my mom and MIL on appetizer/side/drink refill duty.
  • Mom did a lot more too.
  • Mom and dad hosted it at their house - which was huge all on its own.

So, during the party itself, what did I do? I talked with my friends. I ate. I chased my little boy around and gave him kisses, when he wasn’t being snuggled by his adoring fans. I enjoyed myself, and tried to make sure I didn’t have food/snot/dirt on my face for when RD came around the corner with her camera.

AND – I accepted compliments on throwing a great party with tasty food, cute decor, and a laid-back atmosphere. Mission: accomplished.

Now, check out the birthday boy smashing his cake, and then realizing that he could eat it. Time lapse: less than 5 minutes.


WolfSong said...

That first birthday is the best, where they wear just as much cakes as they eat! Wonderful pictures!

I remember my daughter's first birthday...she wouldn't eat the cake, and cried when she got it on her hands, so we gave her a bowl of ice cream instead. *That* she wore from head to toe, and licked the rest off her high chair.

Kids can be so fun!

Jessie said...

Haha, I'm just picturing your daughter licking the ice cream off the high chair... :)

WolfSong said...

LOL! Yep, just picture a hyper saint bernard puppy licking a high chair...and that's what my daughter looked like!