Monday, July 11, 2011

A Weed by Any Other Name

orange tickseed and yellow trefoil
A weed by any other name - or in particular tickseed and trefoil - is a bouquet in my house. Isn't it pretty? Tickseed isn't a weed here, but I've heard it's a common wildflower/weed in other parts of the country. Where I live, trefoil is considered a weed, but in other places it's actually planted and desired. Lucky for me I have a ton of volunteer trefoil cheering up my garden right now.

When I do my flowerbed reno I'll be saving both of these weeds. Do you have any "weeds" that you love?

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WolfSong said...

Those flowers are so pretty!

We have "volunteer" marigolds and violas all over the yard. I love them both, and so enjoy seeing them pop up in odd places where I know I didn't plant them. :-)