Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot Hot Weather = Cool Cool Iced Tea

Do you brew your own iced tea? No? Why not? It's easy.

Step One: Gather jars.
Step Two: Boil water.
Step Three: Put tea bags in jars.
Step Four: Put hot water in jars.
Step Five: Let them sit for a while.
Step Six: Put jars in fridge.
Step Seven: Enjoy!

Be a little wild - make passion fruit iced tea. Mint iced tea. Earl Grey iced tea (my favorite). Loose leaf tea that you can strain when you pour (or end up with bits of tea in your teeth, which of course I've never done...). Make a bunch of jars at once and you won't have to boil water as often. You know, if you're lazy like me. Or be even lazier and make sun tea (cold water & tea in a jar set in the sun), no boiling required.

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herbal tea said...

Cool Iced Tea is very best for the Summer Session or Hot weather.These three flavours, Fruit iced tea, Mint iced tea, and Earl Grey iced tea are my favourite flavour of iced tea.