Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thrift Finds - the College Edition

A local college has opened a little thrift store - sweet! It's run by students, so it's barely ever open - not so sweet. BUT, when it was open, I totally scored on some awesome finds:

1: Women's small, green striped button down shirt - to convert for Max
2: Women's small, black cashmere sweater with silver buttons - will become a stuffed toy
3: Boy's medium t-shirt - a new nightshirt for Max
4: Women's small t-shirt - another nightshirt for Max
5: Women's small cashmere and wool blend sweater - will become a stuffed toy
6: Women's size 12 dress - will become a tunic shirt for me
7: Women's wool skirt - Max clothes... probably overalls or pants

All of that for $9! Granted, the clothes are almost all size small or medium as they're cast offs from college kids (who are all tiny for some reason) so I can't wear them, but for converting to Max clothes it's golden.

check out that tag - cashmere for $1!

The dress needs some help - it's pretty ugly. Well, not ugly... but very conservative/matronly. But with the help of my seam ripper it's getting a lot better. The before picture below:

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