Friday, July 15, 2011

A Friday Link Roundup: Places I've Been...

think happy thoughts... like the rainbow over my backyard
It's been a long week - I won't bore you with the details. Except for this one: Who on earth drives a really loud something or another (I think probably a riding mower, but I didn't get out of bed to check) that you can hear for 1/2 mile (seriously, I could hear it when it made certain turns and went over the hill by the way the noise changed) at 5:45 in the morning. When I'm sleeping. Or at least trying to, while ignoring my pounding headache and sinus pressure. And, it woke up the baby.

Bastard. (the person making the noise, not the baby of course)

I've since treated my allergy "hangover" with sudafed, ibproufin, and copious amounts of coffee. I think it's the coffee that does the most good. I love coffee. Really, truly, it makes my mornings worth waking up for.

Happy Friday, and I'll see you next week!

The pillowcase over the broom tip is new to me:

Be more mindful in your purchases and you might not have to declutter your house so much:

5 natural baby care solutions:

Planting and pruning fruit trees for small spaces:

Homemade cleaners:
I tried these out, and they work really well. The grease cutter worked particularly well on cat vomit stains, in case you were wondering.

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WolfSong said...

Being a sufferer of weahter induced migraines, I can tell you that coffee *does* help! Really and truly it does. In fact, all the meds that ever worked for me had caffeine listed in the ingredients. After too long of prescription meds, I quit the prescriptions, and started taking extra strength tylenol with a cup of strong black coffee. I do this when the pressure starts, and within 30 minutes, I am functional again.

See? Coffee is good for you! ;-)