Monday, January 17, 2011

What a Lovely Problem

My son has a wonderful problem to have: He has four grandparents and six great-grandparents who absolutely adore him, and we have had to figure out what to call them all.

As I’ve told all of the grandparents, I’m sure he’ll come up with his own system when he’s a bit older. He’s already working on it - my mother is Bah-wah (which is genius for a seven month old, in my not-so-humble opinion). As it is, the grandparents are Gramma/Grampa _____ (insert first name here) and the great-grandparents are Grandma/Grandpa _____ (insert last name here).

This weekend Max and I spent Saturday afternoon with my father’s parents, who live just a couple miles away. It was just lovely – Max was sleeping when we arrived and kept sleeping for 45 minutes. When he woke up he showed off his sitting up and backward creeping, and played with his Great-Grandma and when she asked him to say Mama he piped right up and said “Mama!” and started laughing.

When I went to get a teaspoon to feed him, my grandmother dug through the drawer and found two baby spoons left over from when my cousins and I were little. She’s been holding on to them and patiently waiting. Well, mostly patiently. She told me a few years ago that my (now) husband and I had been together long enough that if we were waiting to get married before having children, don’t bother wait for her sake!

It really is such a gift to be able to share Max with his great-grandparents, both for him and for me. While Max played on the floor, Grandma and I talked about babies, being a mommy, being a wife, trying to keep house and work at the same time (yes, she worked, kept house, and raised five kids). I have learned more about both of my grandmothers, and their mothers and family, in the last year than I have my entire life. We now share that mother bond, and it is a beautiful thing.

Great-Grandma - One Week Old


nancy said...

Oh Jessie, what a lovely picture of baby and great grandma! :D sure to become a treasure when your son grows up and can show it to his children and grandchildren. :)

Nancy Hess

NanaDiana said...

Jessie- What a blessing to have a family that is so connected. Your guy is one lucky little boy! Hugs-Diana

~ Regan said...

Yes, I agree that once you become a mother, you are welcomed into a Mama Club of some-sort. A place where you can share secrets, vent frustrations, tell battle stories, and cry happy tears. It is a wonderful thing, you being able to show off... er, 'share' Max to your grandparents. :) Hes is such a cutie.