Friday, January 14, 2011

The Little Things and the Big Things

The Little Things...

Max and I are both wearing brown shirts and striped socks today, just because.

The Big Things...

He's saying mama. I'm so in love!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Jessie and Welcome to Blogland!

I found you via Reagan so I wanted to pop over and say hi!

I am off to write down your recipe for the Italian Chicken and Mashed looks wonderful!

Happy Friday!


Jessie said...

Thanks, Lulu!

Uncle Tractor said...

Jessie - I just found your blog from Regans's Blog. Sound like you guys are doing great. Regan might have told you that Nancy and I moved back to 'the Little City'. Hope to see you and the baby soon. Stop by my blog to catch up :

Bob & Nancy

Jane said...

Hi Jessie,
I came over from Regan's blog. Welcome to blogging. Keep those crock pot recipes coming....I could really use some new ones!!
Enjoy your weekend.

Jessie said...

Bob - now that you mention it, I do remember Regan telling me that. I've just been so busy with Baby that I forgot! :) I'll be in touch!

Jane - Thanks for the welcome! I'll have more crockpot recipes, don't worry!

Anonymous said...

My friend, Regan, gave you a wonderful introduction! I'm so happy to welcome you to Blogland, Jessie! As they say -- any friend of Regan's is a friend of mine (haha)! I have been looking at your blog and enjoy it very much. I hope you continue to have fun with your blog, and I look very forward to following you! I would love to have you visit me, when you have time! I also LOVE crockpot recipes!

NanaDiana said...

Hi Jessie- I popped over from Regan's blog to say Hello. I signed up as a follower. I know how hard it is to get started and find your way around Blogland..and then try to build a following too. Pop over to my blog, too...and say Hello. I am on the other end of mothering...being a nana (gramma). Hugs & Welcome~ Diana

NanaDiana said...

Just a quick tip for you because you are so new. Most people won't come back to your blog to read your replies to them. I have my blog set so that all my replies deliver to my email and then I can respond to people right there. That way it goes right to them via email and they see my response. You might want to consider doing that- Hugs again;>D Diana

Candace@craftysisters-nc said...

Hi Jessie, welcome to blogland! Beware it's addicting! (ha,ha)

Your recipes look delicious, thanks for sharing!