Friday, January 21, 2011

Thrift Store Wish List

My mother, Max and I are hitting the thrift stores tomorrow – woo! Watch out, we’re on the prowl for:

·         Ceiling light fixture for the dining room, preferably a chandelier
·         Two lamp shades, either matching or coordinating for my two milk glass candlestick style lamps
·         A framed mirror for over my nightstand
·         Curtain rod brackets (I have the rods, the rings… just no brackets. Though I have a DIY idea I’ll share later)
·         One or two sweaters to add to my rotation
·         A glass shade for my hall ceiling light

And I think that’s about it. I’m trying to stick to a list and not impulse buy. Not only do I want to save money, but I just don’t have time to start new projects that aren’t already on my to-do list. I’m hoping my mom will help remind me that I don’t need ____. I’ll let you know how it goes, and I’ll put up some pictures of my finds, provided I find something good!

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