Monday, January 31, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

Woo! I made it to the thrift stores this weekend – and I made out like a bandit. I had two (two!) trunk loads of stuff. That I need. Of course. And I didn’t break my budget!

Saturday was the Salvation Army:
5 Board books
Booster seat
Chandelier for the dining room
Crib bumper (in the right colors!)
Sheer curtain panel
Table cloth (to become curtains for baby’s room)
Tote bag
3 Workout T-shirts for hubby
Check out that crib bumper!

Sunday was Goodwill: (a few things are new-in-package retail store leftovers)
Alphabet magnets
Book for hubby
Dump truck toy
Fish lamp for baby’s room
new Lampshade for fish lamp
Lawnmower/vacuum/popcorn toy
3 Pairs of baby shoes in the next 3 sizes
Pillow for baby’s room
3 Pull-behind toys
new Queen size bedspread (to become the batting and backing for baby’s quilt)
new Queen size sheet set (to become curtain sheers in baby’s room)
Scootch bike with wagon
new Toilet seat
Wooden train toy set

Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the Goodwill loot. Yet. It's mostly still in my trunk.

I have plans for the chandelier (black spray paint is in its future), and I now have fabric supplies to finish several projects. And toys! So many toys! I'm so excited, though Max hasn't figured out what's so cool about this yet, his favorite toy is still me.

The coolest part of the weekend was learning how to re-wire a lamp, using the fish lamp as the guinea pig. See? It lights up!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I went today and came home with nothing! You got a great haul!


NanaDiana said...

Hi Jessie- You did really good with your scouting! I think you would love my daughter..she is a lot like you and loves thrifting and has a baby boy. She has a blog too..but she is not super active on it...It is called
IfSheCanFigureItOut (making fun of her Mom-ME, of course). Anyway, if you get a chance see if you can google her blog and pop in.

Love your finds..especially that chandelier.AND the bumper for the crib. It is perfect! Hugs-Diana