Monday, January 24, 2011

My Mother, the Hero

I wasn't going to post today because I'm extremely under the weather (which is impressive when it's -17 outside). But I have to brag about my mother, and thank her again.

I started to feel icky yesterday morning, and by 4pm I was run-to-the-bathroom-as-fast-as-you-can sick. My husband was traveling and wouldn't be home for another 5-6 hours. I needed help, and my mom called me before I could even pick up the phone to call her. "Do you need me to come over?" "Yes, please."

She swooped in, gave Max a giant hug, and saved the day. I went upstairs for a couple of hours, and then came down to hover supervise his evening routine. As much as it killed me that I was in no physical condition to care for Max, I was even more grateful for my mother. She stayed until 10 when my husband got home, when her normal bedtime is 8:30. And she hadn't been feeling well either, recovering from a migraine, but she put aside her discomfort to care for Max.

I'm getting teary just thinking about how much I love my mom, and how grateful I am to her. Not just for last night, but for everything.

Thank you, mom. You are a wonderful woman, a super mother, and an amazing grammy.


sandi said...

Feel better soon!!! All is happy and sleeping here right now :) on a full belly from lunch of carrots, home made yogurt and cereal.

~ Regan said...

Count your blessings!! I wish I had someone close that I could count on like that! ;)
Hope you feel better soon. Try to keep warm!!