Monday, January 10, 2011

Floor Time

Last night my husband asked me what I was doing. I was sitting on the floor, hanging out with Max who was in his saucer. My actions seemed pretty straightforward to me, but hubby was confused why I’d sit on the floor when we have perfectly good living room furniture. I explained a decision I had made, and the thought process that had preceded it.

I want to be able to physically interact with my son when I’m not holding him. As he gets older, I would love to be out in the yard kicking around a ball with him. Realistically, I’m not super athletic. But what I can do is be physically there, on his level. This is something that I want to do as a parent – I want to be where he is, open for and encouraging interaction.

I’m starting this now, while he’s young and just starting to physically explore his surroundings. As Max spends more time out of his playpen and on the floor, I’ve been joining him. We play with his toys, he helps me read (tear up) magazines, or we just sit next to each other and do our own things. Good times.

Yeah, I still hang out on the couch and have time that we’re separate because I do need to remind myself I’m also Jessie, not just Mommy, and Max needs to develop play on his own. But I am starting to really look forward to our floor time. It’s wonderful to enter his level, instead of bringing him up to mine.

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