Monday, March 21, 2011

Time Change and Spring

Check out that snowmelt stream!
Happy Spring! The snow is melting! It’s finally warmed up enough to go out for walks (I’m the wuss, not Max), so Max and I have been taking strolls when I can fit them in. I live on the edge of town, so if I go left we have sidewalk and steep hills and if we go right we have roads and relative flat. I don’t walk on the road after dark, and the sidewalks have been touch and go this winter, so between all that and the cold we haven’t been out much. But now with the time change, we have a bit more daylight in the evenings for walking! I already have a few blisters to prove it.

Speaking of the time change, whose idea was that? (No, I’m not actually asking, I’m just being fussy.) Having to get up an hour earlier, changing mealtimes, changing bedtimes… it’s bad enough for adults. Trying to get an infant, however good natured he may be, to adjust to the change has not been easy. Especially in the mornings and evenings. That Sunday Max stayed up until almost 11pm (new time) and was up at 7am Monday morning. Eight hours is just not enough sleep for him. Or me, considering I have to be up by 6:15. That was a rough morning. It wasn’t until Thursday morning that he actually woke up in a good mood a little after 8:00.

But, it means longer hours in the evening, and wasting less daylight sitting at a desk staring at the computer. I love long summer afternoons and evenings. So, in theory I like daylight savings. I just hate the transition.

Max is loving the warmer weather, it means I can just bundle him up in a sweat suit (over his regular clothes) and blanket instead of his snowsuit. He really doesn’t like the snowsuit. It’s also starting to get too short, so the temperature needs to stay above freezing so he doesn’t have to keep squeezing into it. That, and the temperature needs to stay up so the snow melts and my flower bulbs can come up. I’m in major need of some daffodils in my yard, and not just in my kitchen.

Aren’t they pretty? When I was little my dad would buy me a bouquet every spring to support the American Cancer Society, and I’ve done it the last few years as well through my office. Daffodils are still my favorite flower because of those bouquets he gave me every spring.

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~ Regan said...

I love daffodils, too.. (But I am especially fond of other bulbs, like tulips.) Seeing this picture makes me want to buy some!!