Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seed List: 2011 Edition

I did a bit of seed shopping last week… just a bit. 26 packets is just a bit, right?

Well, I was pretty excited when I went to my local farm and garden store and found out they were having a sale on their two biggest brands – one was buy two get one, and the other was buy one get one half off. I got 21 packets for just under $26, the other 5 I ordered from the Seed Savers Exchange which is a bit pricier and has shipping, but it’s totally worth it for the tomatoes alone. Ahh, Hungarian Heart, how I heart love thee.

I also have some leftover seeds from last year, mostly flowers that I’ll grow for containers or cuttings.

I’ve been working on my garden layout, trying to put the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants around the outside to deter the woodchucks (they didn’t like the tomatoes in particular). I’m hoping if I have the less desirable veggies surrounding the tasty ones, they won’t be able to smell the tasty ones or will at least go where the pickings are easier. I hate woodchucks.

My seed list for 2011: (I included links when available, and fixed them!)

Hungarian Heart Tomato – my favorite tomato for slicing, canning, paste, everything
Currant Sweet Pea Tomato  - a super small tomato, which should be fun for canning whole!
Casper Eggplant – a white eggplant
Italian Marconi Golden Pepper – it looks like a banana pepper, I’m hoping it will taste similar
Buttercrunch Lettuce – mostly for hubby
Bright Lights Swiss Chard – mostly for me
Sugar Baby Watermelon – whee!
Bull’s Blood Beet – has gorgeous tops as well
Jewel-Toned Beets (Red, Gold & Candystripe) – because you can’t have too many beets?
National Pickling Cucumber – I can’t wait for more relish…
Sugar Snap Peas – last year I had the worst luck with peas, I’m hoping that this year will go better
Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin – perfect for carving this Halloween
Nandrin Carrots – a standard, of course
Table Queen Acorn Squash – I love acorn squash
Black Beauty Zucchini – I’ll only put out a few plants, these things are prolific
Sweet Basil and Genovese Basil – yes, two kinds of basil. What can I say, we love basil!
Mammoth Dill – if I’m going to grow dill, I might as well make it big
Black Valentine Beans – can be eaten as both a snap bean or a dry soup bean
Minnesota Midget Melon – just too cute, little single serving melons
Ornamental Popcorn, Carousel – multi-colored, decorative corn that can be popped!
Evening Sun Sunflower – the pretty factor
Nasturtium, Dwarf Single – for the hanging baskets out front
Delphinium, Pacific Giant Blend – our wedding flower, I’ve been increasing our collection over the last few summers
Cosmos, Bright Lights Mix – so bright and sunny!
Gloriosa Daisy – pretty pretty

I needed the seed therapy, with yet another snowstorm in the works I’m more than ready for those little plants!

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