Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Really? It’s Free?

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That’s right, there are still some things for free. Mostly just stuff other people don’t want, but it still counts.

Personally, my favorite way to find free items and to list items for free is through FreeCycle. I’ve signed up for my local group and I’ve gotten several items this way including:

before - minus tray
after - minus tray
See the transformation of the above highchair...

was given to a friend, baby not included, of course

exersaucer, by far Max's favorite toy

I’ve also gotten pots and plants, (hostas and irises to be specific), a couch, a baby swing, baby gate, bouncy seat, an exterior light, and several other items. I’ve gotten rid of much more than that, it’s a great way to purge and have the items go to someone who can use it!

There’s also a free section of Craigslist. I haven’t had much success finding anything, but I have had good success with posting free items and having quick pickups.

What are your favorite resources for free items? Do you have a giveaway pile? Do you list items or do you bring them to thrift stores?

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