Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Easy T-Shirt Hack

hacked shirt in action
T-shirts aren't made for women. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. They're too tight in the chest, too loose in the waist, never fit right in the sleeves area, and they choke you when you're not looking.

Enter: Your scissors.

For a relatively fitted look, start with a shirt that is just a bit too tight in the chest and a bit too loose in the waist. Like, you could wear it as is but it's just not quite there.

To fix the neckline, lay the shirt flat so that the creases are on the center back and center front and so the shoulder seams line up.

Cut along the back of the neckline close to the seam, then taper down on the front to create a scoop neck. If you don't want much of a scoop just don't go too low. Put the shirt on and note where the neckline hits, and cut down to that.

Next: the sleeves. Lay the shirt out flat and get the sleeves in particular nice and flat.

For a short sleeve that just grazes the shoulders, cut it like I did right close to the armpit. For a longer sleeve (like the photo below) start your cut further down, but keep the same swooping shape.

There! That was easy. Being a knit, the t-shirt won't fray - no hemming needed!

Opening up the neckline and the arms helps with the tightness in the chest, and a scoop neckline is flattering on so many body types. For another look, you can start with a large t-shirt and cut a wide neckline and go all layered with a tank underneath. I did that with an 80's-esque T, it's pretty epic.

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