Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garden Envy - Montreal Botanical Garden

There are definitely gardens that you should be envious of - and the Montreal Botanical Garden is one of them. Hubby took me on a date there earlier in the month (a date that involves travel is one serious date).

We were there for four hours and 12 minutes and didn't see all of it - we bypassed the arboretum and the lilacs (which had gone by of course) and only glanced at the roses. I could spend days there... I was so overloaded with inspiration that we'd been driving for at least an hour on the way home before I could start gushing.

Here's some eye candy for you!

yours truly, feeling at home (I miss Poway)

shade plants + hubby = twice the eye candy


~ Regan said...

Looks like a beautiful place!

NellJean said...

What a lovely place to go on a date! I like your blog;it has something do with the toddler who loves tractors and your DIY projects.