Monday, July 2, 2012

Scrappy Throw Pillow

What do you get when you have some pretty leftover fabric, a pillow form (that I got in 2005 and has traveled with me across the country and through several closets), and a toddler? A scrappy pillow and an awesome photo shoot, that's what! Everything's better with dinosaurs.

The fabric is leftover from reupholstering my free $800 chair. I had enough to do one solid side, but the other side is a piecework of the odds and ends - and I love it. Especially the raw and selvedge edges. The back panels weren't lining up just like I wanted it - so I got out my favorite sewing accessory/toy, my snap pliers. But a plain white snap is so boring... so a bit more scrap fabric later and I have a flower snap closure. Who says the back has to be boring?

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